Community Projects


This project aims to:
Increase awareness of personal safety
Increase alertness to possible community safety issues
Change the attitude of potential perpetrators of low level crime
Increase pride in the community
Increase sense of ownership and community spirit
Increase community participation

Participants will work through a series of real-life scenarios related to community and personal safety. The topics covered include self safety awareness, arson, hoax calls, road safety, drugs, alcohol awareness and street crime. The participants then go onto explore aspects of community, helping to understand how a community works and the part crime can play. It looks at community involvement and cimmunity participation showing the difference taking an active part in the community can make to a sense of safety. Finally understanding volunteering and how rewarding and self rewarding making a positive contribution can be.

Supportive Neighbours

Supportive Neighbours raises awareness amongst the community about domestic abuse. Giving the community greater knowledge of how to provide initial support to victims, deal with disclosures of domestic abuse as well as increased knowledge of specialist services in the area. Through this project we hope to raise awareness of domestic abuse but also have key people across the community trained to be a first port of call to victims of abuse, with the aim of building trust and supporting victims to access services.
Alongside the training we develop an area community support network, signing up people to a neighbourly pledge. The project incldues a more pro active volunteer element whose role it would be to engage the community and promote awareness days which, in turn will sign up members of the community for training/awareness raising. The champions would also be responsible for getting as many neighbours understanding and signing up to the pledge as possible

All About MEEE
(Motivated, Engaged, Educated and Empowered)

We work with women offenders to help empower them. We will give them knowledge and tools that will take them on a journey of self progression and motivate them to move forward in a positive way. We will achieve this in a four step program.

Step 1: Self Discovery (4 weeks)

Step 2: Freedom in Relationships (4 weeks)

Step 3: Community Action (4 weeks)

Step 4: Set and Pursue Inspiring Goals (12 weeks with a Personal Coach)

This course is a must for frontline workers, working with any families, the course was very good.

FIP Professional, Freedom programme Home Study Course

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